I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Saturday, 19 July 2014

Dolomites San Candido, by Stevie Haston

Today was glorious and so we went climbing! Stunning, spectacular, words are rubbish, rock rules in the Dolomites.

Laurence giving her well received yoga class, which was mainly about breathing, and the mind in climbing, three 9a climbers were in attendance! 

Some Parlour dudes making a good show. There was lots of fun going on at the Candido Adventure Outdoor Fest. 

You just can't escape from magic views in Candido.

There was a discusion yesterday, some of Italia finest young sport climbers, Laurence the Yogie, Steph Davies the flying squirrel, a man who discovered 20kg of gold (he paid for the beers) and it was all strangely good for a change.   

In a bit of a slack line moment more.

Friday, 18 July 2014

San Candido Adventure Outdoor Fest, by Stevie Haston

So, here we are in San Candido in the Italian Dolomites, its really great! It's sunny, the scenery is stunning, the people are all great and its just plain good. There's running, climbing, biking, walking, yoga, photography, slack line, and more.  

Nicole and Fabio the organisers, two warm people in the second year of this mountain festival they have put together diverse sports and activities with some product stands and a really high slack line over the square from a church tower to a hotel, people are enjoying it all. It's hard not too in this great little mountain town.

There's a huge amount of yoga here, it's importance here too sports and life in general seems to be not stressed but lets say outlined by its very strong presence. There are seven  different kinds of yoga to choose from. So much yoga to choose from but really if your like me you won't choose you will just try or look. Laurence Gouault Haston is presenting Kundalini yoga which emphasises breathing and mind, I am doing a workshop for helping climbers with climbers of different standards, who have also hopefully done some yoga with the other yoga teachers, but I'll be doing some yoga stretching with them as a supplement.

The super talented Loic Collomb Patton kindly posing with me! Loic is World FreeRide Champ 2014. He rides long skis for his size, coz he's fast, and for the more acrobatic stuff he goes down to 183, toad ski users take not! 

These babys are promised to me.

Typical street scene, it's just so sweet, and down the road you have a view of the Tre Cime, or Trei Zinnen in tedesco.

Monday, 7 July 2014

Haston climbing workshop in San Candido Festival, by Stevie Haston

Laurence and I are doing a combined climbing work shop for improving your climbing at the San Candido Adventure Outdoor Festival. Laurence does a Yoga class for climbers on the 18th, which is mainly focused on warming up, focusing the mind by breathing exercises, and relaxation.  

On the 20th, I will be asseing climbers, and giving advice with Laurence's help, this is as an adjunct to her class, and hopefully we will be able to communicate many of techniques which have helped us improve at our climbing. Many people know I am a good climber but, it is only by serious reflection on many of my weaknesses that I have reached most of my potential.

Here is a link to the Program of the Festival, come and join Laurence and I and have more fun and success! 
We are also taking part in a round table discussion with some of the linking climbers of Italy, check the Festival site for activities and films....

Thursday, 3 July 2014

My new look, by Stevie Haston.

Just watched a very life affirming film called Fatso, check it out! The guys an Italian New York Fat sweetie, he had me grabbing my slightly chubby sides with chuckling fits. So obviously it's dieting time again for me, did my finger board routine and basically failed and felt like an oil tanker sinking in the Bay of Biscay in a November gail.  Felt so unhappy eat a whole tray of vegetarian Lasagna, boy it was good! Anyway, went back on the finger board took off 10 kg by a pulley and weight, and hey presto , magic results despite greesy sloppy fingers. I have booked my Collonic irrigation, liposuction and jaw wiring, success is imminent, stay tuned.

If body lice were this big, they would take them way more seriously. 

This is Tonto, one of my all time comic book heroes, he's having a slightly bad day, scorpion on the face kinnda day. 

This is the Lone Ranger, who is clearly never that alone as he has Tonto by his side, and scorpions. Nothing is ever as it seems, especially in climbing.  Climbing media sinks further into the abyss and makes comics look very attractive. Long live rock, rock and roll, small portions of veg Lasagna, and one alcoholic beverage! 

Monday, 23 June 2014

Pantani. by Stevie Haston.

Born January 13 1970, died February 14 2004. His feral grimace lives on in the back of my mind, and his tragic death, alone on Valentine's day, a broken, poisoned, sad man, still makes me wince at our hypocrisy towards drugs. The great footballer Maradona said we were all guilty, and complicit in his death!
As drugs take a far greater part in climbing (Pantini was the greatest mountain climber of all time) when are we going to wake up. Recently an Italian climbing friend said that he got out of cycling because it was too pharmaceutical at an early age, only to be completely shocked to see what was going on in climbing. I personally was a great fan of maestro Pantani, as I was in no doubt that he was on more than porridge. 
He was the last guy to win the Tour de France and the Giro d'Italia in the same year. Valentine's day has never been the same for me, since the death of the Pirati.   My bikes are covered in cobwebs, the tires are rotting, a bit like my ice axes really. 

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Kefir is king, by Stevie Haston

It's summer again and some peoples allergies are hitting the roof, so why not try water based Kefir? Some of you might be lucky enough to know milk based Kefir which has a fantastic history, going back to the Caucasus mountains, where it was stolen from a Muslim prince by a swindling Russian government agent, a beautiful seductress...... just google the story its brill, and should be a film.
Anyway my pollen allergy has been very much reduced by water based Kefir. The above jug is lemon and ginger flavoured and is a very good substitute for commercial sodas, and as it's not milk based, but water based Vegans might appreciate it. Kefir, for unbelievers, aids the gut in getting rid of toxins, and thus so the reasoning goes, helps your immune system, tackle other things, in my case the evil pollen!   

Above is Nigelle de Damas, a weed that grows in many places in southern Europe, its seeds are called black cumin and is eaten as a spice with apparently good effects. It was used as a cream in Egyptian times, and might be another of those great helpers. Anyway there are loads in the garden, and was brought back to this part of France by the crusaders if not before.

This is the weird Kefir granules, or should I say magic granules! It's defo worth trying, don't take too much,  a small mouthful to begin with, until your gut gets used to it. It's very good for runners, but I am drinking it very much as a substitute for water at the moment and I hate giving money too commercial soda makers and clogging the world up with plastic or aluminium.

If your interested, google it all up and try, oh and don't use a metal spoon it kills the culture. Good luck with it, More fun and sucess.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Scarpa Stix, review Stevie Haston.

Took the Scarpa Stix for a quick test today. I could just say it was magic, but that would be doing them a disservice. It's the best slipper I have climbed in, and I am a big slipper fan. It's got a big bonus, it some how climbs like a good edging boot! It's really sensitive, although Scarpa's Instinct S might be more supple, and subtle due to a thinner sole. The Stix has 3.5 mm of Vibram XS grip 2,  the Instinct 3mm, unless you really want that extra few percent performance of feel the 3.5 is going to last you longer. There's a slight difference in top toe rubber, not that big a deal but the Stix has a few ribs of blue that you can see in the photo that help you drag the top of your foot real well.     

Anyway, first route for my pair of Stix was an 8a! Second route for my Stix was an 8a, just as my shoes were warming to their task, I was powering out. The cliff has lots of toe drags, heel hooks and scums, and the shoes low profile helped in the pockets. The snug heel was an improvement on most of the shoes I've warn lately and I didn't slip out of it. I'd love these shoe with a velcro band but in this version it has the harder Edge rubber so if you like that rubber or have real tiny edges to tip toe on, you're lucky.    

Sizing for me was 3 1/2 sizes under trainers, I wear mine real tight, I have heard 2 sizes down is real good for most, but as I have always said shoes are your most important buy, so take your time and really think about it.

I am really looking foreword to pushing these shoes in the next few months. The toe is really good for me, and it will still take a small pocket,  and it edges on both sides really well, and all in a slipper!

The convenience of slippers is one of their best virtues but normally you give a bit up for the privilege, not exactly so it appears. Above you can see the vacuum fit I strive for.

I finally put them through  a severe test but it was me that gave out. On a normally brutal series of slaps, I found myself using my feet more. This was on a route I'ave red pointed twice, but never dominated with any real margin. I look foreword to trying finally to subdue this beast, with some √©lan rather than my normal brutalisation. Check these slippers out at Scarpa UK, or Scarpa.